Our first featured author, Carolyn Martinez, is Brisbane based. She uses fiction and non-fiction to explore topical social issues from varying perspectives. ‘Inspiring IVF Stories’ was published in 2011 and ‘Finding Love Again’ in 2015. For a free sample of her writing, click here.

The former Editor/Owner of ‘The Westerner’ newspaper has a MA (Writing) and lists Stephen King and his book “On Writing” as one of the greatest influences in her career. Her first two books received excellent reviews.

She has a talent for nurturing people; hence the interviewees in her book make for honest and riveting reading.

Carolyn is a sought-after editor, public speaker, business communications advisor, and coach to authors.

She is the founder of Brisbane Book Authors, and a member of Queensland Society of Editors.

Early experiences of loss (her sister died young – a victim of crime) leave her with a passion for exploring social issues in the pursuit of truth, understanding and justice. Watch this space.