Finding Love Again (A Guide to)

Reviews – ‘life changing’, ‘real, honest & inspiring’, ‘brilliant’, ‘easy-to-read’,cover-aguidefindingloveagain-carolynmartinez-final-aguideto ‘engaging and thought-provoking’. If doing what you’ve always done is not giving you the results you seek, it’s time to do something different. Finding Love Again is a treasure trove of useful information for those looking for love again through divorce, separation or loss. Practical tips and information from relationship experts, real-life interviews, case studies, and self-reflection exercises. Choosing your next partner is an important decision – potentially impacting the rest of your life. You’ll learn what Critical and Negotiable Personal Values are, why these are just as important as physical attraction when choosing your partner, and why we so often get these wrong. You’ll also learn the art of open-ended questions and why these are paramount while dating. The parallels drawn from relationship theory to the experiences in the stories told by men and women – some of them partners – make for riveting reading. The self-reflection exercises help you discover your own values and round off what is a truly thought-provoking and engaging look at dating today. You will be inspired that it is possible to love again in this easy-to-read, highly informative, book. The author describes Finding Love Again as the book she wished she could have read when she found herself single at 32 years of age after a 12-year relationship ended. Finding Love Again is the compilation of three years of research and writing by the author.



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Please note: We recently re-covered and re-named our book. Finding Love: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Date Again is the same book as Finding Love Again.

Inspiring IVF Stories

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Respected literary critic Magdalena Ball REVIEWivfcover

“A great resource for all those involved in the world of IVF – patients, their loved ones and professionals alike, promoting a deeper understanding of the process.” Dr Lisa Blackwell, Psychiatrist

Inspiring IVF Stories contains intimate chats with men and women across Australia. This book is unique; a must read for IVF couples, singles, egg and embryo donors and recipients alike. Author Carolyn Martinez speaks at conferences and libraries to promote better experiences for IVF patients. Her passion for the subject has seen her interviewed on ABC, KOFM and 2HD radio.

I read this book during my third IVF cycle. I couldn’t put it down, and laughed and cried my way through it. It gave me extra strength to get through the cycle.” Beth Curran

“I was thoroughly moved reading these stories. I laughed and cried with them all. A truly inspiring read.” Lynette Hammond

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Twenty-four men and women with courage, determination and a dream share the realities and highlights of their IVF journeys. This is a must read for anyone thinking about starting IVF, or already in the midst of IVF and struggling with the realities of the isolation and disappointments.


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Author Carolyn Martinez has written two pieces for ABC Open 500 Words Project. Click below to read.

Ribcage Expanding to Accommodate Love

First Impressions of Newcastle


Shriek: an absurd novel by Davide A. Cottone

Shriek_Ebook_CoverAn anger tsunami often tosses and rolls the eccentric Aleph McNaught because he doesn’t have the means to compete or the gall to exploit others. Nor does he possess the nerve to take advantage of a situation, or the sense of self-worth to confront an adversary. When he has endured enough torment and can take no more, he changes up a gear from a scream to something turbocharged to vent his frustration and help alleviate the pain. Disenchanted and exhausted by a dysfunctional government, social rejection and the economy and religion encroaching on his personal life, Aleph proposes an absurd other-worldly alternative government that ‘offers nothing but keeps its promises’. He invites the reader to participate in this love affair with his beloved crippled country on the promise that it will linger longer than the usual tryst and can last forever if the reader dares commit to it.

Brisbane author Davide Cottone ventures into the absurd with ‘Shriek’ and puts readers into the shoes of the 21st century ‘idiot savant’ – McNaught – confronting a maelstrom of social, political, economic, technological and religious upheaval. The historical fiction novelist, poet and playwright chose the absurd genre to, in his words, “deliver a manifesto for a new world order. I found a possible answer to the state of the world dilemma as I became immersed in the work of proponents of existentialism and nihilism in philosophy, and surrealism in art. Albee, Beckett, Camus, Kafka, Sartre, Heller, Ionesco and Pinter in literature, and Breton, and especially Dali in art coalesced as a Freudian tapestry called ‘absurdism’.” The main character, Aleph McNaught, is at a crossroads in what he sees as a meaningless life. Abused as a child, he turns to drugs and ends up locked up in an asylum before launching into a new and wild life populated by a host of multiple personalities. Rejected in love, his only weapons against a society gone mad are his irrational thought patterns, absurd actions, and his projected versions of his own psyche. McNaught, as narrator, takes the reader on a psychotic ride into his crazy headspace while commenting on the state of a fictitious society. Purchase at Amazon.

Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam by Davide A. Cottone

Vietnam Front Cover jpegThe story revolves around two childhood friends, Manfred and Tony, who were nurtured in the country-side in the fifties and enjoyed the utopia of a nation at peace that was carefree and full of hope after WWII. Vietnam replaced all that with a dystopia where conflicting ideologies trapped one in the dehumanising cauldron of war and spat out the other onto the streets in protest against it.

As they tried to adjust to a new divided Australia one hid from the society that spurned him while the other sought solace in the hippie communes of the North. Years later, they are reunited and search for a way to re-enter the paradise that Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam, stole from them.

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Rod Stinton: A Boy From Brisbane

FrontCoverGrowing up in Brisbane in the 1940’s in a poor family offered a rich playground for skills such as larking, pranks, scams, and defending one’s honour. Devising ways to earn a little ‘moolah’ was one of the shaping forces of the boy who later became an MD and Psychiatrist. The mother who was too embarrassed to have visitors to her unpainted house, would later be devilishly proud of the boy who became a Doctor. Fancy that – a Doctor in the family!

Rod Stinton: A Boy from Brisbane is a story of history, familial recollections and tongue-in-cheek observations from an ambitious and lively boy who grew into an equally energetic, productive man. Be prepared to laugh at the candid and politically incorrect stories of the Stinton variety.

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