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“A great resource for all those involved in the world of IVF – patients, their loved ones and professionals alike, promoting a deeper understanding of the process.” Dr Lisa Blackwell, Psychiatrist

Inspiring IVF Stories contains intimate chats with men and women across Australia. This book is unique; a must read for IVF couples, singles, egg and embryo donors and recipients alike. Author Carolyn Martinez speaks at conferences and libraries to promote better experiences for IVF patients. Her passion for the subject has seen her interviewed on ABC, KOFM and 2HD radio.

I read this book during my third IVF cycle. I couldn’t put it down, and laughed and cried my way through it. It gave me extra strength to get through the cycle.” Beth Curran

“I was thoroughly moved reading these stories. I laughed and cried with them all. A truly inspiring read.” Lynette Hammond

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Twenty-four men and women with courage, determination and a dream share the realities and highlights of their IVF journeys. This is a must read for anyone thinking about starting IVF, or already in the midst of IVF and struggling with the realities of the isolation and disappointments.


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Author Carolyn Martinez has written two pieces for ABC Open 500 Words Project. Click below to read.

Ribcage Expanding to Accommodate Love

First Impressions of Newcastle

Finding Love Again (A Guide to)

Reviews – ‘life changing’, ‘real, honest & inspiring’, ‘brilliant’, ‘easy-to-read’, ‘engaging and thought-provoking’.

If doing what you’ve always done is not giving you the results you seek, it’s time to do something different.

Finding Love Again is a treasure trove of useful information for those looking for love again through divorce, separation or loss.

Practical tips and information from relationship experts, real-life interviews, case studies, and self-reflection exercises.

Choosing your next partner is an important decision – potentially impacting the rest of your life. You’ll learn what Critical and Negotiable Personal Values are, why these are just as important as physical attraction when choosing your partner, and why we so often get these wrong. You’ll also learn the art of open-ended questions and why these are paramount while dating.

The parallels drawn from relationship theory to the experiences in the stories told by men and women – some of them partners – make for riveting reading.

The self-reflection exercises help you discover your own values and round off what is a truly thought-provoking and engaging look at dating today.

You will be inspired that it is possible to love again in this easy-to-read, highly informative, book.

The author describes Finding Love Again as the book she wished she could have read when she found herself single at 32 years of age after a 12-year relationship ended. Finding Love Again is the compilation of three years of research and writing by the author.



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Please note: We recently re-covered and re-named our book. Finding Love: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Date Again is the same book as Finding Love Again.