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Start a loving conversation about adoption, egg & embryo donation, step-parents, same sex couples, fostering, single parents, traditional couples. There are sensitive, yet beautiful, conversations to be had. Sometimes, parents need a helping hand to introduce complex topics and this book offers that. As the mother of an adopted son, and a daughter born from embryo donation, I struggled to find the book I connected with to explore the diversity of family origins. The concept of an umbilical chord growing from heart to heart came to me while I was walking on the beach early one morning. It grew from the seed of an idea, into a full story that I entrusted into the hands of my wonderful illustrator, Adriana Avellis. I send this story from me to you with love. Perfect for ages 5 – 8.

‘As funny for parents as it is reassuring for children, this delightful book is a heartfelt exploration of the wondrous diversity of family,’ Author Kylie Kaden.

‘The illustrations brought a smile to my face and the words of love warmed my heart. I love how The Umbilical Family spoke to me as a father and a grandparent,’ Author C. T. Mitchell.

‘Another great addition to our Cate Sawyer collection. The Umbilical Family is an educational tale that travels straight to the heart,’ Author Dean Blake.


Author Cate Sawyer is cheeky, tough, soft, the protector of correct grammar, Grand Poobar of pronunciation. She dislikes bullies. She loves challenges, exotic and unusual words, and making you laugh.

The illustrator, Adriana Avellis – when she isn’t laughing and sobbing over one of her favourite books or singing classic Disney tunes, she has a pencil in her hand, imagining new characters for you.

Thank you for supporting local talent!

The Umbilical Family is available from all major online stores including Amazon.com.au and Amazon.com.


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