Manuscript Services

We help writers spend money wisely to produce superior quality books.

Books are a low margin return. First-time authors can pay too much for the wrong thing, and not enough for the right. Without out a doubt, an independent professional editor is top of the list of services that every wise author invests in. (The other is a professional cover designer (not just a graphic designer).

For fee-for-service editing we can help you, although there is often a waiting period due to the lengthy nature of editing. We never rush editing, so we only take a small number of clients at any one time. You can also source recommended providers through The Alliance of Independent Authors or other governing bodies in your country such as the Australian Society of Authors for example, to ensure you’re accessing reputable service providers. We highly recommend Lauren Daniels from Brisbane Writers’ Workshop for structural assessments, editing, and author mentoring – physical location no barrier.

Our Manuscript Services

We work on all genres, however, we have special interest and experience in non-fiction books and children’s picture books.

Structural Assessments

Range from $110 – $440 depending on manuscript length. You’ll receive a 3-6 page report commenting on Pace, Character Development, Plot, Structure, Writing Style, Voice/Tense, Setting, and any regular writing mistakes in your work.

A 3-page $110 report would be for a children’s picture book.

Typically, 65,000 words is $330, and up to 85,000 words $440.


We charge $65/hr. To quote, we’ll ask for your manuscript’s word count and three sample chapters so that we can judge the depth of the edit required.