We offer polished workshops and presentations to be delivered over Zoom, in-person in the speaker’s home district, or Australia-wide in-person if your company elects to pay the presenter’s travel and accommodation.


‘Writing Short Stories with Lauren Daniels was fantastic. Dense with theory, all very skilfully put together to provide a comprehensive, but also accessible, course. I have learned so much that will inform not just my short stories, but all of my writing.’

‘Writing Short Stories Workshop with Lauren Daniels – you really get your money’s worth from this workshop. Lauren is a charismatic presenter and the material is up to date and on point. Recommended for both experienced and inexperienced writers.’

‘That was amazing!’ – from a 9-year-old who attended a Zoom Learn to Draw with Illustrator, Kyle Tweed.

‘Carolyn was very knowledgeable and generous with the level of detail she gave about publishing. She even gave us contacts and specific tools to use. The session went over time because people asked so many questions. She invited people to leave if they had to go, but nearly everyone stayed until the end.’

‘I attended Carolyn Martinez’s Show Not Tell course at Redcliffe. It was hands down the best writing course I’ve been to at a library.’

‘ am gobsmacked to have received so much useful information in such a usable fashion. This is one fantastic workshop. You have started the year with a bang! Please pass on to Lauren my heartfelt thanks for her work and for presenting to us. There are so many things I now know that I need to incorporate into my short stories and into my  novel,’ Cheers, Jan.

Our Fee Structure

Booking Fee: $100 per session.
Presenters with 10+ years industry experience: $100/hr or $75/half/hr
Presenters with 20+ years industry experience: $125/hr or $85/half/hr

Presentations on Offer

Presenters with 10+ Years Experience:

  • Digital Illustrating with Illustrator, Kyle Tweed
  • Learn to Draw with Illustrator, Kyle Tweed.

Presenters with 20+ Years Experience:

  • Crafting Winning Short Stories with Editor and Literary Judge, L. E. Daniels.
  • Memoirs & Family Stories with Editor and Writing Teacher, L. E. Daniels.
  • Organisational Journalism – writing for company newsletters and social media with Editor and Writing Teacher, L. E. Daniels.
  • Pitching to Publishers – Q&A with Publisher and Editor, Carolyn Martinez.
  • Travel & Lifestyle Writing with Editor and Writing Teacher, L. E. Daniels.
  • Winning Short Story Competitions – Q&A with Publisher and Literary Judge, Carolyn Martinez.
  • Write & Edit Like a Pro with Editor and Writing Teacher, L. E. Daniels.