Structural Assessments

If you are not receiving the response you’re seeking from publishers, a structural analysis with one of our senior editors can be a career defining moment.

An experienced publishing industry editor reads your full manuscript, line edits a 20-page sample, and prepares an 8-12 page report identifying your manuscript’s strengths, weaknesses and directions for improvements. A 30-minute meeting with your editor as a report follow-up is included.

These assessments provide aspiring authors with the a-ha moments that have eluded them.

Cost: up to 50,000 words $1,200 + GST (add $180+GST for every additional 10,000 words).

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“Carolyn Martinez loves words and how they connect, sound, and play together to create meaning. It is a joy to watch her locate the nuggets in your manuscript and assist you to add lustre. She is a writer who loves writers, and is a joy to engage with, while she encourages you to explore your story with a sensitivity born from having been edited, and from sharing the process with many emerging authors across her long career. I’m not one to colour between the lines and, like a good theatrical director, Carolyn stretched, pushed against, encouraged me to write my best without cramping my style, or blunting my enthusiasm; not an easy feat. Having attempted to assist numerous graduate students with their writing, I bow to her skill.  I have worked with numerous editors and acknowledge her professionalism, wisdom and technical capability. In addition, Hawkeye involved various experts in the process to give me confidence that any critique was not idiosyncratic and may resonate with numerous readers. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Peter Long

“I’m just going to come right out with it – Carolyn Martinez is wonderful and you should definitely book her to assess your manuscript! She treated my middle-grade novel with such care and genuine interest, and her insightful comments and suggestions shone a great big (and very helpful!) spotlight on the problems I knew were there but just couldn’t see. Carolyn not only showed me where I could make improvements, she also showed me how to make them. As a result, I now feel as though I can tackle my next draft with confidence, and whip my book into submission-worthy shape. If you’re wanting to do the same, I highly recommend engaging her services – her in-depth analysis, her editor’s eagle-eye, and her generous support and encouragement are worth every penny!”

Brooke Crawford

“I completed the first draft of my manuscript and I have to admit it needed some attention and tweaking because I didn’t have the expertise to get it ready for publication on my own. Carolyn and her team guided me through the process and they respected that I wanted to learn for myself and be involved in getting that final draft ready.”

Natalie Kile