We are a small, independent, Traditional Publishing House based in Australia.

We have three contract types: Traditional, Hybrid and Assisted.

Traditional Contracts

To be offered a Traditional publishing contract by us your manuscript is exemplary, your writing original, and your book sought by readers. You most likely have worked with a professional editor prior to approaching us. Your manuscript is ready to be published. Traditionally published authors receive royalties of 10% on RRP.

Hybrid Contracts

To be offered a Hybrid contract, we believe you have a very good manuscript and a book that will be embraced by the market, but your manuscript requires a Structural Edit by us, and subsequent re-writing by you, before it would be ready for its Line Edit and Proofread. Because of the labour-intensive nature of the work, without the option of Hybrid contracts, we would have to reject such manuscripts. Working with a Structural Editor through to publication can be a defining moment in an author’s career. It provides the a-ha moments to authors previously unable to break into publishing houses. You will learn what needed to be fixed to take your writing to the next level. In a hybrid contract, the author contributes half the up-front costs ($2,375AU) + a yearly I.T. and publicity subscription ($75AU). To compensate for the financial investment, the author receives the higher amount of 50% of the book’s profits in royalties.

Some authors choose a Hybrid Contract to access higher royalties.

Assisted Contracts

Assisted Contracts are offered for two reasons: You’ve written a book worth publishing, but the market for it is unlikely to yield significant sales. Or, you have a good story or topic but your manuscript requires significant work with editors. When offered an Assisted Contract, the author pays the fees, and keeps 100% of the book’s profits. The fees are $4,750AU and an optional yearly website and publicity subscription ($150AU).

Self-publishing is a wonderful tool that has revolutionalised the book industry; but it has unfortunately also resulted in a glut of books liberally peppered with redundant and passive words, smattered with exposition dumps where an author should be finessing exposition throughout the novel’s action sequences, head-hopping, and worse yet – tense, spelling and grammar mistakes.

We represent authors who undertake exemplary quality processes to ensure their books are professional, competitive, and so enjoyed by their audience that the work leaves a lasting footprint on a reader’s heart and imagination.

We accept:

  1. Children’s
  2. Young Adult
  3. Adult Genre Fiction
  4. Non-Fiction
  5. Self-Help
  6. Writing Texts
  7. Memoir
  8. Faction

We do not accept:

  1. Poetry
  2. Comic Book