We are a small, independent, Traditional Publishing House based in Australia.

We have three contract types: Traditional, Hybrid and Assisted.

Traditional Contracts

To be offered a Traditional publishing contract by us your manuscript is exemplary, your writing original, and your book sought by readers. You most likely have worked with a professional editor prior to approaching us. Your manuscript is ready to be published. Traditionally published authors receive royalties of 10% on RRP.

Hybrid Contracts

To be offered a Hybrid contract, we believe you have a very good manuscript and a book that will be embraced by the market, but your manuscript requires a Structural Edit by us, and subsequent re-writing by you, before it would be ready for its Line Edit and Proofread. Because of the labour-intensive nature of the work, without the option of Hybrid contracts, we would have to reject such manuscripts. Working with a Structural Editor through to publication can be a defining moment in an author’s career. It provides the a-ha moments to authors previously unable to break into publishing houses. You will learn what needed to be fixed to take your writing to the next level. In a hybrid contract, the author contributes half the up-front costs ($2,375AU) + a yearly I.T. and publicity subscription ($75AU). To compensate for the financial investment, the author receives the higher amount of 50% of the book’s profits in royalties.

Some authors choose a Hybrid Contract to access higher royalties.

Assisted Contracts

Assisted Contracts are offered for two reasons: You’ve written a book worth publishing, but the market for it is unlikely to yield significant sales. Or, you have a good story or topic but your manuscript requires significant work with editors. When offered an Assisted Contract, the author pays the fees, and keeps 100% of the book’s profits. The fees are $4,750AU and an optional yearly website and publicity subscription ($150AU).

Self-publishing is a wonderful tool that has revolutionalised the book industry; but it has unfortunately also resulted in a glut of books liberally peppered with redundant and passive words, smattered with exposition dumps where an author should be finessing exposition throughout the novel’s action sequences, head-hopping, and worse yet – tense, spelling and grammar mistakes.

We represent authors who undertake exemplary quality processes to ensure their books are professional, competitive, and so enjoyed by their audience that the work leaves a lasting footprint on a reader’s heart and imagination.

We accept:

  1. Children’s
  2. Young Adult
  3. Adult Genre Fiction
  4. Non-Fiction
  5. Self-Help
  6. Writing Texts
  7. Memoir
  8. Faction (fiction inspired by a real event)

We do not accept:

  1. Poetry
  2. Comic Books

Our books are available at hawkeyebooks.com.au, Amazon worldwide, and all good bookstores and libraries.

Our Latest Release:

Front cover of Winning Short Story Competitions by L. E. Daniels and Cate Sawyer.

Winning Short Story Competitions is a writing guide from Competition Judges and Editors, L. E. Daniels and Cate Sawyer. In a first, judges spill on what makes the one entry stand out above the other very good entries they see each competition. Easy to read, and jam packed with helpful information, it contains tutorials, examples, exercises, and discussion around the hard to define concept of ‘resonance’, amongst other interesting things.


  • ‘As an aspiring author, I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing. Over the years I’ve purchased numerous writing self-help books. Winning Short Story Competitions is my favourite,’ Silvana Nagl.
  • ‘This book gives you the edge to enter and smash literary competitions,’ Geneve Flynn, Author & Editor.
  • ‘It packs a punch. Encapsulating the skills to not only win competitions, but be a better creative writer in any field.’ Diane Clarke, Author.
  • ‘I got so much out of reading this guide. The examples are excellent. I think everyone trying to get published should read this book,’ Caitlyn Leigh.

Available at Hawkeye Books.