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We are a small publishing house in Australia.

Thank you for supporting our authors and their books. Each book we publish has been selected as the best from open submissions and agency referrals, refined to its greatest potential by our team of editors, and produced and published in-house. We publish authors who display superior talent, and are committed to quality processes so their books are professional, competitive, and so enjoyed by their audience that the work leaves a lasting footprint on a reader’s heart and imagination. 

Hawkeye is a member of the Australian Publishers Association.

Traditional Contracts

To be offered a Traditional publishing contract by us your manuscript is exemplary, your writing original, and your book sought by readers. You most likely have worked with a professional editor prior to approaching us. Your manuscript is ready to be published. Traditionally published authors receive royalties of 10% Net.

Hybrid Contracts

To be offered a Hybrid contract, we believe you have a very good manuscript and a book that will be embraced by the market, but your manuscript requires a Structural Edit by us, and subsequent re-writing by you, before it would be ready for its Line Edit and Proofread. Because of the labour-intensive nature of the work, without the option of Hybrid contracts, we would have to reject such manuscripts. Working with a Structural Editor through to publication can be a defining moment in an author’s career. It provides the a-ha moments to authors previously unable to break into publishing houses. You will learn what needed to be fixed to take your writing to the next level as we coach you through to being publish-ready. In a hybrid contract, the author contributes half the up-front costs of publishing ($3,475AU) + a yearly I.T. and publicity subscription ($75AU) for most books. Picture books ($5,275AU). Includes print run. To compensate for the financial investment, the author receives the higher amount of 50% of the book’s profits in royalties.

Some authors offered a Traditional Contract choose a Hybrid Contract to access higher royalties.

We accept:

  1. Adult Genre Fiction
  2. Non-Fiction
  3. Self-Help
  4. Memoir
  5. Faction (fiction inspired by a real event)
  6. Young Adult
  7. Children’s

We do not accept:

  1. Poetry
  2. Comic Books

Our books are available at hawkeyebooks.com.au, and all good bookstores and libraries.

Our Latest Releases:

Front cover of Winning Short Story Competitions by L. E. Daniels and Cate Sawyer.

Winning Short Story Competitions is a writing guide from Competition Judges and Editors, Brisbane authors, L. E. Daniels and Cate Sawyer. Judges spill on what makes the one entry stand out above the other very good entries they see each competition. Deceptively easy to read for a guide that includes everything in one place, it contains tutorials, examples, exercises, discussion around the hard to define concept of ‘resonance’, and much more about good writing. RRP $25.

Front cover of Welcome to Blackwood by Khaiah Thomson.

Welcome to Blackwood is an outstanding Young Adult Paranormal Fiction by Perth author, Khaiah Thomson. Winner of the Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize 2020, Welcome to Blackwood is the first in a 3-book series. Leaving Blackwood is coming in 2021. Redeeming Blackwood following soon after. Hawkeye Publishing had no hesitation in offering Khaiah Thomson a 3-book deal when our team read her original manuscript. RRP $22.

Front cover of Lament by Nicole Kelly.

Lament is a gripping fictional historical re-write of Ned Kelly’s story by Melbourne author, Nicole Kelly. Ned Kelly and his gang were killed and captured when their intended derailing of the train carrying police was thwarted at Glenrowan. In Nicole Kelly’s epic re-write, the derailing succeeds. She takes us inside Ned Kelly’s head as we explore what drove the man, the gang, and what might have been. The exquisite ending bookends a spectacular narrative. RRP $25.

Front cover of Pelican't Do It by Cate Sawyer and illustrated by Kyle Tweed of Kyljoy.

Pelican’t Do It is a catchy children’s picture book by Brisbane author, Cate Sawyer. Aimed at 4-7 year olds, Pelican’t and his twin brother Pelican, might be alike in looks, but that’s where the similiarities end. Pelican’t Do It explores self-identity, growth mindset, and finding one’s unique talents. The contemporary illustrations by Kyle Tweed of Kyljoy, capture the mood perfectly. Currently in softcover. Hardcover coming in 2021. Softcover RRP $16.

All available at Hawkeye Books.

Book Club Picks:

Lament and Welcome to Blackwood.

Christmas Shopping Recommendations:

Lament for the men in your life, Welcome to Blackwood for teenagers and women, Winning Short Story Competitions for the writers around you, and Pelican’t Do It for early primary school kids!

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