Book an Author to Chat with your Bookclub or Writing Group

Your group can enjoy a meet and greet with any of our authors for 25 minutes for free. These opportunities add flavour to your reading of a book. It is highly recommended that your groups’ members have read the book prior to meeting the author to get the most out of the experience. Most of these are over zoom so our authors can go anywhere.

Networking for Authors

Brisbane Book Authors: Established in 2015, BBA provides a platform for published authors to collaborate, share skills, and connect in an uplifting environment filled with encouraging and dedicated professionals.

Members meet at 6:30pm on the third Wednesday of each month at Mitchelton Library for professional development, social networking, and a guest speaker. Zoom link-up is offered, where there are enough registrations, for those unable to attend in person.

BBA is non-profit and we believe in supporting industry colleagues, therefore all guest speakers are paid using donations from attendees. BBA is proudly supported by Hawkeye Publishing.

If interested in joining BBA email our current coordinator, Julie Miller BA GDE GDP, at with a short bio to apply.

Want to be an author?

We highly recommend you join a writing group. If the first one you try doesn’t float your boat, try another. Networking with other writers will improve your writing, and your exposure to the industry.

Keep your eye out for writing courses at your local libraries. They often run surprisingly good writing courses for free. We like supporting libraries because most pay their presenters and guest speakers. We support organisations who remunerate their artists appropriately! Too often, professional artists are asked to work and share their considerable skills for free.

Your State Writing Centre is an excellent resource. For instance, the closest one to us, Queensland Writers’ Centre has top-notch resources and events sections on their site.

Another highly recommended resource close to us is Brisbane Writers Workshop. For the serious writer, the topics and presenters open new doors in your writing journey. We’ve consistently heard good feedback about their courses. They offer courses digitally all over Australia, and in-person in Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Attend writing festivals. Not only will you have a fabulous weekend, you’ll learn much.

There is a very big difference between good writing and exceptional writing. If you want to be a published author; you need to keep working towards exceptional.

Happy writing, and happy learning! Explore what’s on your doorstep. You won’t learn anything new sitting at home writing what you already know.

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