Hawkeye Press

Hawkeye Press is the business books imprint of Hawkeye Publishing, an independent trade publishing house bringing award-winning fiction into the spotlight of Australian literature. Hawkeye Press supports business professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to elevate their profiles and bolster their business success through the publishing of high-quality, thought-provoking business and personal development books.  

Why Publish a Business Book?

Publishing a book that brings a fresh perspective to your business sector is one of the most effective marketing tools today. Not only does it appeal to your target client, and generate meaningful business leads and industry connections, it opens a pathway to positioning yourself as a desirable candidate for lucrative public speaking engagements.

Penning and publishing your own business book elevates you swiftly to a position of authority, develops your credibility and firmly establishes you as an expert in your field. Perhaps even more meaningful is the ability it affords to share your message with a wide and engaged audience while ensuring you leave an enduring legacy. 

The Hawkeye Press Difference

With publishing industry veteran Carolyn Martinez at the helm, Hawkeye Press enables business book authors to draw on the expertise and infrastructure of an established and well-respected Australian publishing house. Unlike other business book publishers, who provide an abridged service which burdens business authors with an excess of responsibilities outside their expertise, Hawkeye Press handles the process holistically. 

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Professional line edit and proofreading
  • Page-setting and cover design
  • Supply of 100 printed books
  • Ebook conversion
  • Provision of unique ISBNs for print book and ebook
  • Print-on-demand service at discounted, industry rates
  • Registering the book for online worldwide sales through retailers Ainosco, Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble Nook, Bibliotheca, BibliU, Bolinda, Bookmate, Chegg, De Marque, eBooks.com, EBSCO, Fable, Follett/B&T, Gardners, Glose, Hoopla, Hummingbird, iGroup, ITSI, Kobo Plus, Kortex, Libreka, Libri.de, LitRes, Mackin, Odilo, OverDrive, Perlego, Perusall, ProQuest, Publica.la, RedShelf, Scribd, SpoonRead, Storytel, VitalSource, WF Howes, Wheelers, Wook, YouScribe

View our business books submission guidelines here.

Hawkeye Publishing is a member of the Australian Publishers Association, and the Small Press Network.