Inspiring IVF Stories

Inspiring I.V.F. Stories

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Respected literary critic Magdalena Ball REVIEW

“A great resource for all those involved in the world of IVF – patients, their loved ones and professionals alike, promoting a deeper understanding of the process.” Dr Lisa Blackwell, Psychiatrist

Twenty-four men and women with determination and a singular focus share the realities and highlights of their IVF journeys. This is a must read for those about to commence IVF, or those already underway and needing ideas and support, particularly on keeping your relationship strong throughout. 

A 2014 Danish study shows that couples are three times more likely to separate after failed IVF.

Hearing the perspectives of both partners within the chapters of Inspiring IVF Stories has helped countless couples safeguard their own relationship. Make no mistake – IVF, particularly if you require multiple attempts or donor material or experience miscarriage/s – is hard. Armed with knowledge you can tread lovingly (to both yourself and your partner) where others before have floundered. 

I read this book during my third IVF cycle. I couldn’t put it down, and laughed and cried my way through it. It gave me extra strength to get through the cycle.” Beth Curran

“I was thoroughly moved reading these stories. I laughed and cried with them all. A truly inspiring read.” Lynette Hammond

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Twenty-four men and women with courage, determination and a dream share the realities and highlights of their IVF journeys. This is a must read for anyone thinking about starting IVF, or already in the midst of IVF and struggling with the realities of the isolation and disappointments.


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