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Campbell Street Press In Conversation with Carolyn Martinez – May 2018

Why Are We So Behind When it Comes to Embryo Donation? – 11 July 2016

Carolyn Martinez with Magdalena Ball, Blog Talk Radio talk Finding Love

Carolyn Martinez, author of Inspiring IVF Stories and Finding Love: 7 Things you Need to Know Before You Date Again reads from and talks about her new book, about her path to becoming an author, about her writing process, the most surprising response from readers, about her publishing house Hawkeye Publishing and the way it has grown beyond her two releases, the secret of her productivity, about the importance of communities and why she seems to create them around her, and lots more….

Finding Love: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Date Again is out now. Official launch being held at Nobby’s Lighthouse, Newcastle. Read more…

Focus Magazine Feature – Q&A with Carolyn Martinez, author of Inspiring IVF Stories
October 2012

Author of Inspiring IVF Stories, Carolyn Martinez, comments on the state of embryo donation in Australia – July 2016 – Article by Simone Mitchell

IVF is hard, but it’s not all bad … Sally and Dean suffered terrible tragedy during their first pregnancy, and yet Sally still makes readers laugh when she tells a story about misunderstanding an instruction from a doctor. She was asked to identify a vial of her husband’s sperm, and instead of reading the label, she peered intently at the sperm itself and said, “Yeah, I think that’s what it looks like”. Sally and Dean are now the proud parents of Matthew.

Plea for Embryo Adoption
As seen on national Channel 10 television show The Project 30th April 2012, author of Inspiring IVF Stories, Carolyn Martinez, issued a plea for IVF couples to consider donating to other couples the frozen embryos they don’t need.

The Westerner article
When Carolyn Martinez decided to write a book about the roller coaster of emotions that comes with trying to conceive a baby through IVF, she definitely knew her subject matter. The former Warner resident and her husband had gone through six unsuccessful cycles of IVF, prompting her to seek women – and their partners – to share similar experiences.

The Newcastle Herald article
This courageous, warm-hearted 40-year-old has nothing to be sorry for. After enduring seven cycles of IVF in the past three years, her tears are entirely appropriate. We are sitting in a New Lambton cafe and Martinez is outlining her and husband Saul’s next attempt to have a much longed-for baby. ‘‘Our doctor has said that it’s well and truly time to move on to donor material,’’ she explains. ‘‘My cousin Lisa has offered to donate eggs, but ideally we wanted to use donor embryos. We really like the idea of using an embryo that is already here and giving it a good home.’’

Critical Friendships in Writing – A way around the cost of an independent edit
Released – 20 June 2011
Managing Director, Hawkeye Publishing, Carolyn Martinez, said new writers should endeavour to establish critical friendships with writing peers.