Manuscript Submissions

First, read our Home and About pages to understand our contracts, publishing philosophies and meet our team.

Authors have more options for publishing than ever before. At Hawkeye, we give you choice, quality assurance, and an energetic publicity team who, unlike other publishers, are by your side long after the ink has dried on your first print run.

Hawkeye offers Traditional, Hybrid and Assisted Contracts. If you haven’t already done so, see our Home page for details.

We consider most genres for Assisted Publishing (including picture books), and we are currently considering the following genres for Traditional and Hybrid:

  • Creative non-fiction – junior reader and adult
  • Faction (fiction based on a true event)
  • Serialised YA or junior reader fiction
  • Fiction: romance, mystery, crime or popular
  • Self-help
  • Market-sought Memoir.

You must complete the submission assessment process to be considered for Traditional, Hybrid or Assisted publishing. 

Authors who know their work needs a structural edit and/or deep line editing, but who have a story or topic that needs to be told, may indicate that they’d like to apply to us for Assisted Publishing. Assisted Publishing is similiar to self-publishing in that it is author funded, but vastly different from self-publishing in that you have a publishing house team producing and publicising your book. Assisted Publishing gives us the scope to supply you the extra editing and author mentoring services needed to polish your manuscript to readiness. You still must submit to us a high level manuscript with obvious potential – we do not publish every manuscript we receive. We only put our brand to quality, market-savvy books. 

The Submission Process

To submit your manuscript for consideration follow our guidelines carefully. If the guidelines are not followed, you will be asked to re-submit correctly.

Supply a 1-page cover letter that includes your contact details, a short author bio, details of any books you’ve authored and their success, your preference for publishing – traditional, hybrid or assisted (you can change your mind later), and 1-2 sentences proving that the title you are submitting to us is a book the market will embrace.

Supply a maximum 300-word synopsis that contains:

  1. Genre, word count
  2. First paragraph: themes, location and main characters, comparisons with other books/authors.
  3. Second paragraph: simply defined characters, inciting incident, consequences.
  4. Third paragraph: details about the characters and tone, more detail about plot – description, consequences and resolution. You must include the book’s ending.

Supply a chapter summary that has 1-2 sentences per chapter to explain what each chapter achieves.

Supply a marketing plan – a table that demonstrates your network and the marketing activities that you are able to undertake to help sell your book. Show us that you understand the business of being an author.

Supply your manuscript formatted in Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, with indented paragraphs.

Do not submit your work to us until it is polished to the absolute best of your ability. Prior to submitting your work you will have mastered show not tell, point of view, your genre norms, removing redundant words from your prose, and active versus passive storytelling. Every word and every sentence in your manuscript contributes to your story arcs. Your tense is consistent, and there is no incorrect switching point of view (head-hopping) mid-section. You have utilised your experienced BETA reader network, and self-edited to the absolute best of your ability to submit a professional manuscript to us. We look extremely favourably upon authors who’ve worked with a professional editor prior to contacting us. If you have, include their details in your cover letter.

For us to invest our money and time in promoting your book, it will be because we believe you’re a bestseller in the making. You will be an active reader, reading current award winners and bestsellers in your genre. Understand, we’re not giving contracts to just good work. We’re looking for superior, highly marketable books, and we’re looking for authors who understand that sales require effort on their part.

If you believe your manuscript is the gold we’re looking for, and you want a team of committed professionals working alongside you to maximise your book’s potential and reach, touch base in the first instance through the Contact Form.

We are a small group of independent professionals passionate about bringing quality books into the marketplace. Because we remain open to unsolicited manuscripts our inbox can be overwhelmed by submissions, often by work that is not yet ready to be published. There is a $25 reading fee to have us consider your manuscript. We implemented this to be able to remain open to quality unsolicited manuscripts, without our inbox being flooded with inappropriate submissions. We are not a vanity publisher. We do not publish manuscripts without detailed consideration of content, style and marketability. Unlike other publishers, if your manuscript is not selected for publication, you will hear back from us with a brief explanation as to why.

We are best placed to assist Australian and New Zealand authors in terms of our publicity reach; we will however consider authors from other countries where the author demonstrates there is benefit in having an Australian publisher.

Following your initial contact, you will be issued an invoice for the reading fee, and when paid, we will commence your assessment. 

If you have any questions, email the Director, Carolyn Martinez, through the Contact Form.

Most commonly asked question – What is included in your publishing packages?

All of these line items are included in our publishing contracts:

  1. structural edit
  2. line edit
  3. proof read
  4. page layout
  5. cover design
  6. Writing of cover blurbs, assistance with book titling if needed
  7. purchase of ISBN and barcode
  8. set up for worldwide digital distribution
  9. print distribution throughout Australia from our base
  10. set up for print on demand print distribution outside of Australia
  11. registering your book with relevant authorities and book distributors.
  12. assistance with book launch
  13. printing of first print run
  14. your book and your author profile hosted on our SEO enhanced site at
  15. publicity and promotion